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Scott and I met in 1985 and finally got married in 1992, we have 2 beautiful sons, Bryce 11yrs and Liam who is 10yrs old. I am a animal lover from as far back as I can remember, I don't know who to blame for my Dog Addiction, probably my parents as we always had dogs while I was growing up. My very own first dog was a Rough Collie my parents bought her for me when I was 8yrs old, Honey was such a beautiful dog and will always have a special place in my heart. When I met Scott he already had a Shepx, Tora, we decided she needed a playmate and got a Doberman, Dobie, who was a reject guard dog. They were the best of friends and lived to be 14yrs of age. In 1999 is when I became addicted to Golden Retrievers, I am not proud to say our first Golden came from a pet shop, Zach helped me through a very difficult time in my life but unfortunately due to health problems that were affecting him neurologically we had to have him put to sleep at 6months of age. Due to his placid nature and loving ways especially with our two young sons we decided to get another Golden, this time through a registered breeder, we now have 4 Goldens that share our home with us and pleased to say our addiction as been passed on to other family members. My Parents have Tyson, my cousins have Briggs & Luke and my niece & her husband have Laynee. I can't imagine my life without a Golden or two in it. Be warned it is very hard to stop at one. I hope you enjoy browsing through the rest of our website.



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